About The Book:

Our systems of democratic governance are failing us. This is evident in the declining confidence in government, the rise of populists, and government’s chronic inability to address complex issues. Governments no longer have the capacity to resolve problems, or to rally society’s collective capacity towards innovation. Our model of democratic government has been hollowed out, become ceremonial, replaced by leadership cults and policy-based evidence making. Moreover, significant policy challenges – such as health care, climate change, over population, access to basic resources and the distribution of wealth – demand governments lose their old top-down habits of organization in favor of more open, collaborative and learning-based approaches.

This book explores government’s maladaptation and some of these quantum shifts currently shaking both government and society. It provides a basis for reimagining a government for the future, based on collaboration and an attitude of “how can we help?”.

Victoria Residents

Victoria residents can now pick up a copy of Reimagining Government – Part 1 at Tanner Books in Sidney and Bolen Books in the Hillside Mall