Christopher Wilson and Associates (CWA) is a management consultancy operating since 1997. We specialize in issues of collaborative governance, regional stewardship and community-based action. Frequently acting as a learning coach, we work with clients to help them assess and reframe issues, build partnerships, create practical strategies, form effective policies, and evaluate outcomes.

Our mission is to help organizations forge better results through effective collaboration. Our passion is to work with community innovators who recognize that making a difference, means bringing people together to work collaboratively. Our work with partnership organizations has led to important insights into partner management and governance renewal.

Our philosophy is that people can accomplish more together than they can separately. This in fact is the philosophy that underpins every community and organization.  In addition, we are committed to the principle of stewardship in organizations. We believe that those most affected by problems and those most influential in resolving them should take ownership and accountability for doing so. Top-down, patriarchal management practices are neither innovative enough nor compelling enough to produce the necessary commitments from stakeholders or employees to achieve effective and lasting results.

Yet if we at CWA can help potential partners redefine how they are with each other and help them create more welcoming and authentic conversations together, we believe that they can forge new shared visions of possibility that they can all begin living into.


Optimum Online is the web edition of Optimum: Critical Governance Studies. It is produced quarterly by The Summit Group under contract for La Maison Gouvernance.